Carl Dieker was born in Lund, Sweden in 1971. He studied Literature and Law at Lund University from 1992 to 1997 and spent one year as a submarine trainee. He enrolled in a two year creative writing program at the Nordic School of Biskops-Arnö in 1998 and started a freelance career writing for Swedish newspapers and magazines. The 2001 Scholarship for Journalism from the Nordic Council marked the beginning of a five-year documentary film project which involved multiple travels to Norway, Denmark, Finland and Russia where he interviewed close to 100 contemporary writers and artist. His career gradually shifted towards freelancing as a producer and film photographer with commissions from private companies, museums, art galleries, artists and music publishers. In addition to the Nordic Countries and Russia he worked on film projects in Syria, Germany, Croatia and France. His works are characterised by talking-heads-interviews, reflections on culture and close collaborations with writers and artists. He co-edited the critically acclaimed Nordic-Russian multimedia, poetry and essay anthology Swinging with Neighbours (2006) and produced a concert film with Mattias Alkberg live at Dramaten for Swedish television (2014). Memberships include Democracy Bridge, OFF (The Independent Organisation for Filmmakers) and FSL (The Free Seminary of Literary Criticism). 

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