Video: THINKING WITH HANDS | Zdravko Radman

THINKING WITH HANDS is an interview-film with the Croatian philosopher Zdravko Radman from 2019.

Zdravko Radman is currently based in Zurich and Zagreb. As a philosopher Zdravko Radman has reached a wider international audience through his work as the editor of three multidisciplinary anthologies. The contributors to his books are scholars and scientists and many of them, who are leading in a wide array of fields, such as Neuroscience, Brain Research, Anthropology, Theory of Knowledge, Developmental Psychology, Phenomenology, Linguistics, Philosophy of Perception and Cognitive Science.

Anthologies by Zdravko Radman:

– Thinking Without Knowing – Mind, Action, Cognition and the Phenomenon of Background. (2012)

– The Hand, an Organ of the Mind – What the ManualTells the Mental (2013)

– Before Consciousness – In Search of the Fundamentals of Mind (2017) 


The interview-film THINKING WITH HANDS is part of the Swedish project HANDICRAFT HUMANITIES. For news and info about the project facebook-search ”hemslöjd humaniora”. (

The interview was conducted by Thomas Lunderquist and the film was produced by Carl Dieker. 

The photographs of hands used in the film are part of the work HANDPLAY / KÄSIPELI (2018) by Finnish artist Cia Karlsson and photographer Heini Lehväslaiho. ( 

The film was commissioned by Niclas Flink and The Regional County of Jönköping. 

HANDICRAFT HUMANITIES / HEMSLÖJD HUMANIORA is co-financed by The Regional County of Jönköping & The National Swedish Handicraft Council.